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(pronounced Oh-sheen)

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I've been helping business owners for more than 20 years and I'm always happy to offer advice and tips.

Feel free to reach out via the form below and ask me anything. Whether it's a question about hiring new staff, increasing sales, or improving efficiency, I'm certain I can provide you with some simple tips you can implement immediately.

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Programs that have added over $200 Million in revenue while providing the business owner with more time, more control, greater profits and less stress.
The purpose of my Results-Driven Coaching Programs is NOT just to increase your sales or make more money. Of course, I can help you achieve these things, but it's not my main purpose. 

My main purpose is to help you create a business that provides with lifestyle and helps you achieve your goals. 

As you can see from the client success stories above, the results can be tremendous when you constantly apply these techniques to your business.

Even when no longer need me as your Coach, the insight you receive from the know-how and system I'll share with you, will benefit you for many years to come.

You deserve to reap the rewards of your hard work. And my purpose is to show you exactly how to do.
Is Results-Driven Coaching for you?
If you answer “yes" to any of these below,  you need to apply and see if you qualify. 
Struggling with sales or cash flow?

There is an exact formula to increasing sales. It is NOT some secret that has only been discovered by a select few. Statements like that are complete b… well you get the idea. The only thing that separates you from other successful business is consistently focusing on what works. My methods are built on a common sense approach. You’ll discover that it actually very simple. So why do I get such amazing results? The key is by consistently following a proven method and not trying to find or invent something brand new. It works! When I talk with a business owner, within 10 minutes or less I know exactly why a business is struggling, because I can see which parts of the formula they are missing. Go ahead and schedule a chat with me and I’ll show you.

Uncertainty? Cannot predict your future income?

When you have a proven systems something magical happens in your business—you gain the ability to predict your future income. You can set realistic and achievable income goals. This allows you to plan. Want a bigger office, more outlets, better facilities, some cool new toys, or a holiday with the family? All these things can be planned for and achieved when you have a proven system of building and running a business.

You want guidance or someone to talk to about your business, frustrations, ideas and goals? 

Let’s face it, life as a business owner can be lonely, even when you are surrounded by people. Often you can’t talk to your staff about sales or income, other than to “get more.” And your spouse and friends, although they might offer support and help, often don’t have the experience to guide you. What you need is a mentor, someone who has done it, who understands the challenges and frustration that go with business. You want someone who is not judgmental but instead points you in the right direction, who points out the proven path so you can walk with confidence. That’s my role. 

But … a word of warning, I’m not soft. I want you to get results fast and 
often this means pushing past your own limiting beliefs of you think what is possible. We all have those, that's why even the best professionals in the world have a coach. A good coach looks at the next target and guides and pushes you to achieve it.

You don’t feel like you’re achieving your goals 
as fast as you want?

I hear you! This is why it’s so important to have a proven system and track your results. One of the first things we’ll do together is to find out how your business is currently performing and track that each week. You’ll start to see what’s happening immediately and this information alone puts you in better control. Once you see the results improve you’ll be able to work out exactly where you are going and how long it will take to reach your goals. And from my experience, you’ll make those goals bigger!

You want to be able to differentiate yourself from your competition, you hate discounting and don’t want to haggle over price anymore?

This common issue can be easily fixed. One of the key things you want is lots of clients, when you have that you immediately become less desperate and this shows. People sense your confidence and start to realize they might miss out. There are other things I’ll teach you that add to this, but the first is to create overwhelming demand for your products and services. That takes care of 80% of this problem.

You need accountability?

One of the great things about being your own boss is you get to make the decisions and do what you want. But this can also be the cause of a mediocre business or worse, a complete failure. When we have someone to answer to we tend to do more, we get things done. That’s why all professional athletes and higher performers have a coach or mentor. You never know what you can achieve until you are pushed. You can always achieve more than you think. If you have ever worked out in the gym or jogged with friends, you’ll know this fact is true: You achieve more when others expect more from you. As your coach, I’ll push you to take your business to the next level.

You have difficulty getting the “close”, getting paid, or getting client commitment?

Another common issue and again this is easily fixed when you have all elements in place. More often than not this occurs because a vital step in the sales process was missed. Because we track everything and because of my experience with hundreds of different businesses, I can often pinpoint exactly why and where this is happening. But as mentioned above, overwhelming demand for your products and services is a key factor and this too often solves the “Can’t close ‘em” problem. Simple.

You're stuck in your business, constantly putting out fires and feel like you're on a never-ending treadmill.

Building a successful business can become the worse kind of trap. You make great money but you're stuck with the responsibility of keeping the show on the road. Everyone depends on you. Everyone comes to you to solves problems. You feel like if you step away, even for a short time, the business would come crashing down. I've helped many business owners in this kind of predicament. I know exactly how to fix it and you'll be surprised how easy it is. I've had clients decide to set up another business because they one they were stuck in didn't need them to be there anymore!

Let's take your business into the
stratosphere .
The growth potential of your business is unlimited, these Results-Driven Coaching programs can take yours into the stratosphere of sales,  profits and free time. If you’re committed, I’ll help you get there. 

But there are several criteria I look for before inviting a business onto my programs.

All you have to do is register and see if you qualify.
Spaces Are Limited
... this is not a gimmick.

This is not a sales gimmick the reason is that I provide you with help and support personally and I’m committed to getting you results, so I limit the number of clients to avoid being overburdened and to give you the attention you need. 

As a Result-Driven Coach my focus is on getting the results. I also live by the very mottos and principles I teach. Lifestyle choices such as spending time with family, traveling and personal hobbies are things I dedicate time to, and my businesses adjust to my lifestyle, not the other way around!

Guaranteed to get results.
I know, with absolute certainty, that these programs works for any business.

The key criteria is that you are committed and follow my guidance and implement the step-by-steps action plans.

If you do I guarantee you will achieve your desired goals —if not I’m committed to you and continue to work with you until you do.
Meet Oisín

The $200 Million Business Coach

In-demand business growth specialist, Oisín Grogan (pronounced Oh-sheen), has had his fair share of hard knocks in business. He knows what it is like to have debts, lack of sales and difficult staff.

All of the challenges that you face as a business owner, he has personally experienced, but more importantly—all of these difficulties he has managed to conquer.

Through intense study in business and management systems, combined with hard work, Oisin has built several successful businesses in many industries such as manufacturing, services and property.

After helping everything from start-ups to public companies Oisín has created a unique track record of being able to grow and streamline all types of businesses.

He applies an exact formula that works every single time. And it will work for your business too ... You just have to DO it!
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