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Townview Australia
Industry: Building Industry
Industry: Building Industry
Townview Australia are difficult access specialists, providing Painting, Repair Works, Window Cleaning for high rises buildings in NSW, Australia.

Hiring reliable and trustworthy talent is not only vital to the business, it can be the difference to life and death on the job.
Results Snapshot
Results using the Vwork System

- Dramatic increase in quality candidates.
- Easier to find and hire reliable people.
- Now able to service the increasing deamnd with new delivery team. 

Results using the Vwork System

- Dramatic increase in quality candidates.
- Easier to find and hire reliable people.
- Now able to service the increasing demand with new delivery team. 


Before we had trouble attracting any people at all. We used to get very little response to our [recruitment] ads. Now the quality is very good. 50% of the applicants are good quality. We’ve hired 3 already!

Hiring now is a game. Previously we couldn’t get anyone, so we’d take anything. We’d end up bending over backwards to please them. We’d have to do a lot of training to even bring them up to our standards.

Thanks for putting this [Vwork System] together.

Great job!

- Maureen King, Director

Rate One
Industry: Finance & Financial Planning
Rate One is a mortgage broking and financial planning firm operating in Australia. Oisín was engaged to help Rate One grow through the development of strong systems that could be replicated in multiple offices to allow exponential growth.
Results Snapshot
Result: Substantial increase in profitability
Percentage Improvement: 500% Increase
Staff: Increases contained to 200%
Timeframe: 24 Months

The Business Coaching we received from Oisín was instrumental in our business getting to where it is today and has set us up for future growth.

Prior to engaging Oisín, we had very little structure within our organisation across all levels. Oisín quickly identified that there was no unified goal amongst the owners and spent considerable time facilitating an agreed direction and outcome for our business (beyond profit).

Once we had the new process tested, proven and bedded, it allowed us to grow quite quickly. It took just over a year to develop, but from when we first met Oisín in May 2013 to today, the monthly sales from our team has grown by nearly 500% whilst our team has only doubled in size. The process we built is so robust that we were able to outsource the key components overseas with only the barest disruption to service.

We have transposed the same structure and approach to each of the 2 businesses that work in conjunction with our core offering and the results there are equally encouraging. I would have no hesitation in recommending Oisín... the results speak for themselves.
— Adam Nelson
Full Circle Financial
Industry: Finance
In early 2009, Full Circle Financial Services was generating a lot of new business, however there was no structure there to facilitate the inflow of this new work.

Results Snapshot
Result: Loan Value from $5M per month to $21M
Percentage Improvement: 420%
Timeframe: 6 Months

"The production of the company was very reliant on us as the two directors. Clear roles for us were not clearly defined and we constantly found ourselves overlapping functions, thus double handling work and wasting a lot of time.

We were overworked and overwhelmed.

We were working in the business and knew we had to work on the business. We wanted to do this, but didn’t know how.

We began working with Oisín in June 2009 and we have learned a lot during this time. Oisín guided us to take ownership of our business—he never did the work for us.

Oisín uses an exact science on how a business functions and flows. Once this was implemented into Full Circle, there has been a huge effect on how much more time we have available to grow our business and look to the future.

We can now produce more with much less effort.

For example, in June 2009 we would receive 50 leads, which would take us over three weeks to book and see. Now, we can book and meet 70 leads within one week. We’ve been able to achieve this without hiring any more people!"
- Garry & Michael Pesochinsky, Directors

Dynamic 8
Industry: Property Investment
Dynamic 8 is a property investment company located in South Melbourne. They had been in operation for approximately 18 months and were selling between 5 and 10 properties per month. 
Results Snapshot
Results: Sales increased from 5 to 35 properties per month. Profits increased 3 times. Monthly operating costs cut by 20%. Capital raised for new investment projects increased 10 times.
Timeframe: 6 months.  

We have been able to increase production across all key areas of our business, reduce costs and waste, and double our revenues and profits ‒ all in just 6 months. 

We have doubled our staff numbers from 6 to 12, increased our sales month on month, settled on projects twice as fast and can’t remember the last time we dropped our prices. 

Our builders cannot keep up with us, our bankers are astonished at our sales activity and our competitors hate us passionately. I have been in business for quite some time. This decision was the best I’ve made in my life.”
— Anthony Peluso
Property Company
Industry: Property Investment
The client operated in the Property Investment Industry and had been losing money for several months. 
Results Snapshot
Results: Monthly sales increased from $180,000 to $1,920,000.
Owner’s income increased by 100%.
Monthly operating costs cut by 20%. 
Profits increased significantly from $1 million loss in 2009 to a $3.2 million net profit in 2010. 
Percentage Improvement: 1,000%
Timeframe: 12 Months
Frontline Australasia
Industry: Automotive Manufacturing
Frontline is a manufacturer of parts for the automotive and defence industries, and is situated in Dandenong, Victoria with over 90 full time staff. Established in 1998 and supplying companies such as Holden, Ford, Toyota, Mazda, Kia and others, with an approximate turnover of $60 million per year. With the emergence of the GFC, Frontline were faced with a 35% drop in sales and the prospect of a failing business.
Results Snapshot
• Increased from $2M to $21M
• Operating costs cut by $6 million per year.
• Delivery in full on time increased from 96% to 100%. 
• Overtime cut by $120,000 per month.
• Production downtime decreased from 100 hours to 10     hours per month. 
• Winner of 2009 Premier’s Award for Innovation. 
• Placed top 3 for automotive supplier of the year voted    by Toyota, Holden, Ford.
Percentage Improvement: 1,050%
Timeframe: 12 Months
Note: In August 2008, to achieve 97% DIFOT required 33% Overtime representing a cost of $150,000. By December, 100% DIFOT was achieved with only 2% Overtime at a cost of $9000.

Our business has quickly turned around from “how are we going to survive next month” to “how am I going to handle all the new work the business has closed.” We now need to hire more staff to handle the increase in production—a problem I am willing to have.

The results of this management system are spectacular to say the least. We have cut $500,000 from our monthly fixed expenses giving us a $6 million per year saving. Our delivery times have reached 100% on time while overtime to achieve this has dropped from 33% to just 2% a saving of $120,000 per month.

My staff have been taking responsibility and ownership for their areas of the business and I have been able to focus on new business opportunities. This years’ new contracts are $21 million compared to $2 million last year, with our profits at 4 times what they were same time last year.

The time and money we invested to implement this system was vitally worthwhile, the investment has not only saved our business but helped us grow.
— Kevin Hooper
National Recruitment Company
Industry: Recruitment
In 2012 Oisín worked with a national recruitment company with 7 offices around Australia. Within 3 month sales and weekly net profit increased and the business owner was working less.
Results Snapshot
Results: Sales increased by $130,000 per week. Weekly Net Profit increased by $25,000 per week. Owner able to step out with Management Team running the business.
Percentage Improvement: 22%
Timeframe: 3 Months

Industry: Printing
Adkote is a wholesale supplier of printing materials. They enrolled in Oisin's Sales Accelerator in the face of their worst sales month on record and a pending financial disaster. 
Results Snapshot
Results: Monthly sales increased from $300,000 to $900,000. Recorded highest sales two months in a row.
Percentage Improvement: 300%
Timeframe: 6 weeks

Prior to June 18th we were looking at one of the worst months in sales and performance in company history. The results are as follows: 

1) Before June 25th the sales results were one of the lowest months on record. 

2) Following implementation of systems and advice from Oisín, the week of June 25th was the largest producing week for Adkote in the company’s history. 

3) June ended as the largest sales month on record for Adkote. 

4) In the first two weeks of July, the sales for the month have already outstripped June—making it the highest sales month on record.
— Ian Cleary
Retail Company
Industry: Retail
A well known retail chain in Melbourne.
Results Snapshot
Results: Monthly sales increased from $660,000 to $1.25 million. Monthly sales increased by 200% on the previous year.
Percentage Improvement: 189%
Timeframe: 4 months 
Fitness Choice
Industry: Retail
Fitness Choice is Australia's leading online fitness and gym equipment superstore. 

Results Snapshot
Result: Sales increase from $17k per week to $35k.
Percentage Improvement: 205% 
Timeframe: 12 weeks 

Before using Oisín I was working 70+ hours per week, constantly travelling interstate, and in general was totally consumed by my business. I originally started my business to provide me with the means to do what I want to in life, but all I was doing was working to run the business with no change in sight.

Since we completed the organisational strategy my life has been on a rocket ride.

Personally I am doing really well and have befriended some of the most competent and incredible human beings I have ever met. My business has just taken off and we have just had our best 4 weeks on record even though many of my competitors are going out of business as “retail sales are slow and the economy is not good.’

I now have the most stable and competent group of employees I could have dreamed of.

The expansion plans we have over the coming year far exceed what I was planning just two months ago. It’s hard to believe that only six months ago I was struggling to pay supplier and was trying to work out how to 'get rid of the business.'

I am now only working 20 hours a week and I have the time and financial resources to do the things I have always wanted to do. I can relax knowing that I have a stable and expanding business operating with minimal involvement required of me. I now have the freedom I always wanted.

I cannot speak highly enough of Oisín and what he brings in terms of management and organising systems that really produce lasting results.
— Marc Ricci
Meet Oisín

The $200 Million Business Coach

In-demand business growth specialist, Oisín Grogan (pronounced Oh-sheen), has had his fair share of hard knocks in business. He knows what it is like to have debts, lack of sales and difficult staff.

All of the challenges that you face as a business owner, he has personally experienced, but more importantly—all of these difficulties he has managed to conquer.

Through intense study in business and management systems, combined with hard work, Oisín has built several successful businesses in many industries such as manufacturing, services and property.

After helping everything from start-ups to public companies Oisín has created a unique track record of being able to grow and streamline all types of businesses.

He applies an exact formula that works every single time. And it will work for your business too ... You just have to DO it!
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