“You don’t have to be working 12, 13, 14, hours a day. You can work 5 hours a day ... that comes with clarity and now you’ve given me 5 hours a day extra which I couldn’t get back before.”
— Dan Hepburn, Director - Online Logistics

Oisín Grogan

Business growth specialist

(pronounced Oh-sheen)


I’d like you to meet Dan Hepburn, owner and founder of Online Logistics, a company that specializes in transporting expensive and luxury cars.
I started working with Dan in September 2016. At the time he was expanding fast, working 10 to 15 hours a day and had little time for anything except work.

We worked through 3 of my main Results-Driven Coaching Programs:

1. LifeClarity™Program
2. BusinessClarity™Program
3. Organization for Freedom

Fast forward 7 months, Dan has doubled his gross profit, increased sales and he is now working 5 hours per day, giving him time for family and his passion, Rally Driving.

Find out more about the LifeClarity™ Program below.

And if you want to get your own life and business on track, register here.

"... previous to us working together sales were about $350,000 a month, obviously at 11% GP. Now, the sales are about the same more close to $400,000 a month now, but the GP has gone and doubled."
— Dan Hepburn, Director Online Logistics
How does the
LifeClarity™ Program Work?
To ensure you get results, this unique  coaching program contain these elements:
Day 1 - LifeClarify™ MasterClass
The first step of this program is getting the knowledge and understanding how the LifeClarity™ Process works. This takes a full day. You can join in a live group session or we can arrange a private one-on-one, just you and me.
Day 2 - LifeClarity™ Mapping 
I spend the day working with you to map your LifeClarity™ Plan. This is just you and me applying the the information you discovered on Day One. We address your life, your challenges and how to take everything to the next level. You leave with a LifeClarity™ Plan that contains the exact steps you need to take.
3 Month Mentor Support

Once you have your LifeClarity™ mapped, you and I will catch up once a month and review your progress. And if you run into difficulty or just need a sounding board, then you can reach out. Often you might want to fine-tune things a little. Like all top performers, it helps to have a coach to help you see the obstacles and guide you to achieve even more and, of course, keep you accountable. 

Stress Free
"You can’t pay for the ease of lifestyle, ease of work, ease of mind frame. You really can’t put a price tag on that ... at least I couldn’t.  It’s invaluable with how I run the business now compared to a lot of my friends and peers. "
— Dan Hepburn, Director Online Logistics
Results-Driven Coaching
This is not a “feel good” program. And it’s not goal setting. All my coaching programs must translate into direct results. 

The LifeClarity™ Program removes the confusion in your day-to-day activities so can focus on what is important. 

When combined with BusinessClarity™ and Organize for Freedom, you become an unstoppable force heading towards your goals with genuine passion.
Who Should Do
 The LifeClarity™ Program?
After more than a decade of helping Business owners and top executives, the following people get the most out of this program:
The Success Trap
Business is expanding, you are making money, but you are killing yourself to do so, you are sacrificing health, time with loved ones, personal hobbies, holidays, fun.
A New Game
You’re just about to start a new game, be it a new role or new business. You’re excited and eager to start. Now is the perfect time to make sure everything is aligned.
Play a Bigger Game
You have achieved success, but you're feeling unchallenged, even bored. You want to take things to the next level, leave a legacy and make a difference. 
The LifeClarity™ Program will help resolve each dilemma above.

It has worked every time I have delivered it.
When Is a Good Time To Do the LifeClarity™ Program?
The best time to do it is now

How long do you want to be without a clear-cut direction?

How long do you want to be without clarity on your goals in life and why you are doing what you are doing?

How long do you want to remain in a confused, hectic state? 

Here’s what Dan said:
“… for anyone out there that wants to get a business coach or anything like that, get them earlier rather than later because you don’t want to get your mindset stuck in a way that’s not going to be beneficial to you, your staff or your organization.”
— Dan Hepburn, Director Online Logistics
Get More Confidence  
Become More Decisive
“I’m a lot more confident in what my decisions are because I know this is what I want to do and this is where I want to go and this is what I want to achieve and this is what I want my team to achieve.”
— Dan Hepburn, Director Online Logistics
With LifeClarity™ tough decisions are easily made. You know what you need to put your attention on. More importantly you know what you need to ignore.
How to Apply.
Because I will be working closely with you, the first step is for us to have a chat. I want to make sure you are a fit for the program, that you are committed and ready to roll up your sleeves.

Follow these steps to get started:
Complete the form.
We'll schedule a time to have a chat and I'll make sure you and your business are ready. 

Note: If you're not ready yet, I'll give you tips on how to fine-tune your current business so you can be ready in the future, either way it will be worth your time.

If you do qualify, I'll invite you onto the right Program and explain your next steps.
First Name
Last Name
Meet Oisín

The $200 Million Business Coach

In-demand business growth specialist, Oisín Grogan (pronounced Oh-sheen), has had his fair share of hard knocks in business. He knows what it is like to have debts, lack of sales and difficult staff.

All of the challenges that you face as a business owner, he has personally experienced, but more importantly—all of these difficulties he has managed to conquer.

Through intense study in business and management systems, combined with hard work, Oisin has built several successful businesses in many industries such as manufacturing, services and property.

After helping everything from start-ups to public companies Oisín has created a unique track record of being able to grow and streamline all types of businesses.

He applies an exact formula that works every single time. And it will work for your business too ... You just have to DO it!
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